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ALL CITY GROOVE is an independent music production company headed by David Gaskin.

The name ALL CITY GROOVE was originally coined by  DJ Crew David founded originally as an early teen with his middle school classmate Eric Lowery. The group began in South Jamaica Queens New York in the early eighties as the art of Hip Hop music started to thrive. Armed with Technics turntables, a Gemini Mixer and some very large speakers (Cerwin Vegas of course), they did DJ sets at house parties, local clubs, block parties and events all around New York City.

They were amongst the youngest DJ crews in Southern Queens, most in their early teens when the group began. They competed for work with older more accomplished crews like DJ Divine’s Infinity Machine, The Disco Twins and Cipher Sounds.

Many group members came and went over the years. They included David/DJ Licks, DJ Eric Lowery, DJ Dario Matthews, DJ Roy One/Kid DJ, MC Sha T/Joe Joe, MC T-Skee (the Rapper)/Tim, MC Smurph/Glen Gleo, MC Spank Gee/Gary, MC Lil’ Sparkle Cee, DJ CD DarSki/Vega 5/Anttex, MC Lady Supreme, DJ Mel and MC Les Love.

The crew also had a rich tradition in the Jamaica Queens graffiti scene. Kid DJ aka Roy One, Vega 5/aka CD DarSki and Spank aka MC Spank Gee were among the most prolific “bombers” in Jamaica Queens. Often getting into physical beefs with other local graffiti writers over the territory.

Their accomplishments were kind of amazing for kids whose ages ranged from 13 to 15 when to group began. They began before record deals were a real possibility and when verbal/sound system battles were strictly for reputation.